White room with designer accent chairs and dining table in the background

Selling In the Spring

Spring might be an even livelier home-selling season this year because buyers want to act before interest rates or home prices rise.

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Room half-painted with paint can and brush

Paint: A Buyer’s Guide

The type of room you’re painting is the determining factor in your choice of paint. A room that receives a lot of sun will require a paint that is resistant to fading or discolouration, while a bathroom with high humidity levels requires a paint that protects against mould. For high-traffic areas, such as hallways and kitchens, a paint that is easy to clean is essential.

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Interior of modern home with designer

Spring Market

There is no official start or end date for this annual housing scenario but February proved that this year, the market is off to a quick and strong start. The spring real estate market is perceived to be the most robust time of year when we see serious buyers and sellers come out of hibernation.

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