How do I attract tenants?

June 24, 2022 Constructions


Finding a good tenant is very important to most landlords. How can you attract the perfect tenant according to the listing you are putting on the market? Simple! You must first ask yourself “What do excellent tenants look for in a rental property?”

Here are a few things you might want to adjust when trying to land the ideal tenant.

1. Move-in ready!

After every lease ends, it is important to do some work to the property to make things more appealing. You can have it painted, change the flooring or have it professionally cleaned for a fresh beginning.

2. Upgrades!

Take a look at listings posted in the nearby area and notice the upgrades and renovations that some landlords offer. Maybe it’s time to gut the old pink bathroom or add some new granite counters. Maybe look into having a new patio installed for summer!

3. What is included?

Moving into a new spot can be expensive as a tenant. There are moving fees and security deposits for first month’s rent. Often times you can attract a higher paying tenant if it means that the appliances are included too. Look into different ways you can entice people to sign a lease with you.

4. Rent and Price.

Having a listed price that does not reflect your property, can affect your prospective tenant. If listed too low, you might find someone looking to rent quickly! Or if the rental price is too high, you might have a great tenant shy away from making an offer.

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