Real Estate to Resume on Monday: A Note for Buyers


As of Monday May 11th, real estate brokerage will recommence at 100% without restriction and I can officially go back to providing you with all of the services you’re used to receiving by working with me. Strict precautionary measures will still apply as your health and safety remain my number 1 priority. Please refer to the section below to re-familiarize yourself with those precautions.

During uncertain economic times, tangible assets become a priority and real estate is one of those assets. Not to mention, people will always need a roof over their head. Going forward, we will continue to adapt simultaneously with the market. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting, my team is ready to mobilize quickly and efficiently to ensure that your needs are met. Because your real estate needs never stop, I never stop being here to support you.


What will May 11th mean for you?

We will now be able to – without restriction, visit any and all properties that are of interest. I would encourage you to (when possible) use virtual tours before making the decision to physically visit a property. It is extremely important that we avoid visiting solely out of curiosity, and only visit top priority listings as things will move quickly. I will continue to send you properties that match your criteria as they are listed and will schedule visits as soon as possible. We must be organized and well prepared to move forward on any potential property, thus I would ask you to please take today and the weekend to re-connect with your mortgage broker (if you need one I can provide you a contact) and get yourself an updated pre-approval. Even if your situation hasn’t changed, the perception of sellers and brokers is that most are not in the same financial position as before. Your health and safety remain my top priority, therefore I will ensure that necessary precautions continue to be followed. Please take a minute to re-familiarize yourself with the procedure below for when we schedule visits to properties that fit your criteria.

Safety Procedure
  • Only one person at a time, in addition to the broker, is authorized to attend a viewing
  • A minimum distance of two metres between persons must be maintained
  • Systematic hand-washing must take place before and after the viewing using soap or a disinfectant
  • Reasonable measures must be taken to limit touching of surfaces by visitors
  • Home owners are asked to not be present during a visit
  • Home owners are asked to clean and disinfect their home prior to and after a visit
  • Wearing a mask and gloves is required of all parties
  • As a reminder, if you or your co-buyer are feeling unwell, do not move forward with the visit


Always here for you

At all times you can count on my professionalism, integrity, and devotion in supporting your real estate needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any and all of your questions.