Spring home maintenance reminders

May 6, 2022 Home Maintenance

Spring’s melting snow and constant rainfall can really create chaos on your home if you aren’t careful. Here are some tips from us to help you ensure your home is a happy home!

Why is spring home maintenance so important?

At the top of the list for reasons, is that it helps you maintain and add to the value of your home. Are you planning to sell soon? Improving the appearance of your house will facilitate this process and help you spot issues before they become major repairs⁠—saving you money in the long run. Plus keeping up with these maintenances means spending less time every season having to do them.

Interior house upkeep for spring

A thorough spring cleaning is a crucial time to focus on the areas that require attention so you can get your tasks done quickly and spend more time outside enjoying the sun!

Set some time aside to do a deep cleaning of each room of your house, removing dust and mildew before it becomes an issue. Vacuum chairs, window frames & tops of cabinets before cleaning your surfaces to make the job easier. If you can, wash the window glass on both sides if you’re able to (bonus tip: wait for an overcast day to clean your windows and start on the shady side of the house – direct sun can lead to streaking)

Exterior house upkeep for spring

Inspect the exterior for damage. Once the weather heats up and the ground thaws, evidence of winter damage are often visible.

This means getting on your trusty ladder to check your roof for any structural damage, cleaning out the gutters & downspouts and checking the chimneys to remove any debris. Have a good look at the foundation of your home from the outside to check for any broken seals around windows and doors. It’s important to really seal your home and repair small cracks to ensure it’s weather and bug proof.

Spring yard cleaning

It’s all about being proactive when it comes to lawn and yard care. As a last step, make sure you have the proper equipment to prepare the greenery outside, fence and deck maintenance. Now, take out the outdoor furniture and BBQ to enjoy an evening full of food, drinks, and good company. You earned it!

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