A Note to My Clients & Community

First and foremost, I hope that you are staying safe, healthy, and vigilant during these unprecedented times. 

I imagine that you are all asking yourselves various questions about the impact of COVID-19 not only on the real estate market in general but also on your personal situations. Although the impact of the virus is difficult to measure, the fundamental building blocks of the real estate market remain strong and stable. Often when the stock market is uncertain and experiences turmoil, the investment in tangible goods increases. The necessary closures of our borders will obviously have an impact on our market, though I have been preaching for years that for the general seller, foreign investment does not greatly impact the market.

Our current market is being propelled forward by low interest rates and the simple combination of low supply and high demand. The baby boomer generation is generally more heavily invested in the stock market than the younger generations. This will most likely cause the baby boomers to continue to dig in their heels and resist selling their homes. This will keep the supply low and demand will continue to rise as the borrowing of money becomes advantageous and people who are moving from rentals to first time purchases flood the market as they do every year during the spring.

As always, May, June and July will be extremely busy for the rental market. The majority of tenants will have had to give their notice of renewal by April 1st. This means that they will begin to shop for a new rental or possibly even a new purchase. July 1st still remains the busiest moving day of the year. Though the situation is ever evolving, I have put in place solutions to continue to provide services to both my tenants and landlords as well as all of my clients.



As always, I continue to market listings through digital platforms and print collateral.

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You have my full collaboration in continuing to help you in your property search.

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Rest assured I will do what I can to find you a property that fits your needs for the July 1st move.

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Those Considering Getting into The Market

If you are at all considering listing your property this spring, do not discount this opportunity.

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Whether you have lived in your home for 1 year or 10, rest assured that there are programs and relief being offered by both the government and the banks.

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At all times you can count on my professionalism, integrity, and devotion in supporting your real estate needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any and all of your questions.